4 to 6 Grams Gold Bangles Designs

4 to 6 Grams Gold Bangles Designs


4 to 6 Grams Gold Kada Bangles Designs


4 to 6 Grams Gold Bangles Gallery

Bangles are beautiful adornments to your hands.They come in variety of designs.Gold Bangles designs range from simple daily wear to designer pieces.Due to the increase in gold rates many women are opting for one gram gold or light weight jewellery.So due to the demand to such jewellery many jewellery brands are designing jewellery with less gold and this market is in hot demand right now and there is huge growth with no slow down in coming days.

Example to such jewellery is the above gold bangles which have less gold in them but caters the required need.

Above gold bangles are studded with czs,rubies and emeralds in light weight.The gold used in all these bangles ranges between 4 to 6 grams only.So these can be opted by women for daily wear.They generally coat these bangles with gold and inside they use cheaper metals like copper or silver(This varies according to the jewellery craftsmen).They look as real as gold bangles with only gold metal used.

You can buy these gold bangles from Pulimamidi Jewellers.

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