2 in 1 Vaddanam and Haram

2 in 1 Vaddanam and HaramMango design gemstone 2 in 1 vaddanam and haram.This will look beautiful both as a flexible vaddanam/waist belt and long chain.

Weight of the long chain is 189grams.You can buy this from SRJ Fine jewelry.

Peacocks Chain Vaddanam

Peacocks Chain Vaddanam

Alluring peacocks chain vadddanam model.This flexible chain model vaddanam consists all over peacocks studded with rubies and having dangling small ruby beads and disco chain.The back of the vaddanam is simple gold chain.

Vaddanam Design in Chain Model

Vaddanam Design Chain Model

Vaddanam usually costs more so these days women are more interested in light weight models of vaddanam.So take a look at this light weight gold vaddanam in chain model which is also called flexible chain vaddanam.

CZS Stones Vaddanam with Weight and Price

CZS Stones Vaddanam

22k gold floral design czs(cubic zirconia)stones waist belt/vaddanam with gold mesh chain at the back from PSJ Jewellers.

Weight of the vaddanam is 165grams and price is rs.5,60,000 approximately.Watsapp 9550801012 for more details.

Latest Vaddanams Designs 2016

Latest Diamond Vaddanams Designs 2016

Latest Gemstone Vaddanams Designs 2016

Latest Temple Vaddanams Designs 2016

Latest Diamond Vaddanams Designs 2016

Latest Unuct Vaddanams Designs 2016

Waist belt or vaddanam is a beautiful ornament worn around the waist part by women.Though it costs more many women love to have one.Above are some of the latest vaddanam designs in market these days.In the above photos,you can find diamond vaddanams,evergreen lakshmi gemstone vaddanam,antique vaddanam,temple vaddanam and uncuts vaddanam with pearl drops.

Few of latest waist belt designs of 2016.You can buy them from Manepally jewellers.

2 in 1 Flexible Vaddanam cum Jada

2 in 1 Flexible Vaddanam cum Jada

2 in 1 Flexible Vaddanam cum Jada

Simple Lakshmi devi kasu design gold flexible vaddanam cum gold jada in 100grams.This is very useful 2 in 1 jewellery because you can reuse 100grams of gold in 2 important ways which otherwise costs more for buying two separate items.Loved this 2 in 1 ornament.

You can buy this from Premraj shanthilal jain jewellers.