Temple Design Gold Kasu Necklace

Temple Design Gold Kasu NecklaceVery attractive traditional temple design gold kasu necklace with lakshmi devi gold coins,small uncut mango motifs and embellished with rubies and emeralds.

You can buy this necklace from Pratibha jewellers.

Traditional Kasu Mala Design

Traditional Kasu Mala Design

Traditional 22k gold kasu mala design with spacing between each lakshmi kasu and intricate detailing from Suman Jewellery.

You can make this kasu necklace as haram by increasing the length of the necklace to make it a beautiful kasula haram.

Actress Muktha Engagement Jewellery

Malayalam actress Muktha bhanu in temple kasu choker,very long floral emerald Haram,gold kamarpatta,broad gold bangles,emerald jhumkas and ruby pearl maang tikka at her engagement.She married Rinku Tomy.