10 Types of Vaddanam Designs

Vaddanam is a jewelry ornament worn around waist part by women in India.It is a very popular Gold accessory.It is called with many names in South India and the popular names are Vaddanam,vadyanam,odiyanam,oddiyanam,kamar patta,ottiyanam,kamarband and waist belt.In South India,women wear this vaddanam during traditional occasions and during marriages.Brides look even more beautiful when they wear odiyanam.

It is generally made with gold belt and hence it is expensive jewellery.It requires atleast 170gms of gold to prepare this waistbelt and it costs nearly 6lakhs in Indian currency.Hence the common people cannot afford it.This ottiyanam is worn by babies and small girls as well.It is a status symbol for many women.

Now lets concentrate on the types of waistbelt designs in the market designed by the fine craftsmen..These days we can buy even online since all jewellery stores are selling vaddanams with detailed weight and price.We can even customize according to our requirements.I have collected all the types of waistbelt designs which might be helpful for women who are interested in having a look at them before buying them.

The 11 types of Vaddanam/odiyanam designs one must check out are

1)Simple Gold Vaddanam

simple gold vaddanam

This is the type of waistbelt which is made with gold without any stones on it.This is a plain model gold vaddanam with self design on it and hanging gold disco chain.This is the basic model odiyanam which would save you from the cost of gemstones or colored stones.

2)Gemstone Vaddanam

gemstone vaddanam

This is the type of 22 carat gold odiyanam with gemstones studded in the front part.Generally semi precious stones like cubic zircons,rubies and emeralds are adorned for a peacock design or floral design.One can be very creative in selecting the design.You can have the gold disco chain or hanging south sea pearl drops.

3)Lakshmi devi Vaddanam

laskhmi vaddanam
 waistbelt from psj jewellers

This is the type of  22k gold waist belt with Goddess Lakshmi devi design and adorned with gemstones.This is the evergreen model odiyanam for those who like Goddess Lakshmi devi.You can find more Lakhmi devi vaddanam designs here.

4)Diamond Vaddanam

diamond vaddanam

This is the type of oddiyanam studded with diamonds and made with 18k gold.This is more costlier since diamonds are used in it.You can find more Diamond waistbelt models here.

5)Kundan Vaddanam

kundan vaddanam

This is the odiyanam teamed with kundans.

6)Chain Vaddanam

chain type vaddanam

Chain Vaddanam model is more popular these days since it can made in light weight,easy to wear and suitable for all types of sarees.It is flexible so easy to carry and store also.You can find more oddiyanam designs in chain model here.


kamarpatta design

Kamarpatta is also flexible waist belt model with kasu design on a thread.Usually red,green and black dori is used.It can also be made in light weight.It is also called molathadu.It can also be worn down of regular waist belt if you have both.

8)Uncut Vaddanam

uncut vaddanam
uncut waistbelt from psj jewellers

Type of oddiyanam adorned with uncut diamonds.

9)Temple Vaddanam

temple vaddanam
waistbelt from totaram jewellers

Vadyanam with Temple design.

10)Nakshi Vaddanam

nakshi vaddanam

Odiyanam with Nakshi work on it.You can find more Nakshi vaddanam models here.

11)2in 1 Vaddanam

These days craftsmen are very creative in making gold jewellery which can be used for many purposes.Women get bored wearing one gold accessory many times.So if you buy multi use jewelry you can use it in many ways.So you can buy 2 in 1 Vaddanam which can be used as odiyanam and long chain as well.

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