Latest Peacock Mopu Designs in Gold

Latest Peacock Mopu Designs in GoldMopu or mugappu is a jewellery ornament attached to thali chain by indian women.This can be as simple as gold ball or we can use peacock design mopu for the sacred gold mangalsutra.

Here are five latest peacock mopu designs in gold and also studded with gemstones like czs,rubies and emeralds from Jagadamba jewellers,hyderabad.

Diamond Mopu Designs

Diamond Mopu DesignsBeautiful diamond mopu designs.First diamond mopu or mugappu is perfect for traditional thali chain whereas second is lotus shaped diamond mopu goes well with double layered color beads or pearls.

Price of the lotus design mugappu costs around Rs.275000.You can buy these mopus from C Krishniah chetty sons.

Kushboo in Pearl Chain with Round Mugappu

Kushboo in Pearl Chain with Round Mugappu

Actress Kushboo sundar in three layered gold and white pearls necklace with side designer round gold ruby locket/mopu/mugappu along with fish shaped pota rubies and small pearls ear cuff.

Love the ear cuff with small pearls ear chain !