Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

single layered diamond mangalsutra designs usa

Two layered diamond mangalsutra designs USA

The modern day women want to look stylish at her work also.Women these days are choosing mangalsutra designs which have modern touch.They don’t want to miss or compromise their tradition by skipping Mangalsutra which has come from ages in India.So they are opting for diamond pendant mangalsutras/nallapusalu/black beads which look classy and chic as well.To make our Indian women pretty,our renowned jewellery stores are having a wide range of mangalsutra designs at reasonable prices.

Generally black beads gold necklaces come in different designs.The varieties include single layered short black beads necklaces,two layered short black beads,single layered long black beads,two layered long black beads.Our previous generation use to wear two layered long black bead designs.Now a days urban women prefer short single layered black beads or short two layered black beads since they suit well on formals,salwar kameezes and simple sarees.

So check out these single and double layered black beads images with classic and stylish diamond pendants.All these designs come in light weight only.You can buy these from Tanmai Jewelers,Texas USA.

Antique Gundla Haram design

Antique Gundla Haram design with weight and price

Beautiful antique gold layered gundla haram design teamed with antique gold earrings.Weight of the gundla haram set is 89.58gms and price is $4658.You can buy this haram from Tanmai jewelers,Texas USA.

Layered Uncut Diamond Mango Long chain

Layered Uncut Diamond Mango Long chain

Beautiful 22k gold two layered uncut diamond mango haram adorned with rubies,emeralds and south sea pearl drops and paired with uncut diamond earrings.

You can buy this beautiful set from Tanmai jewelers,Irving,Texas USA.